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Flipp is a remote for your wireless music


Flipp is a remote that lets you control your wireless music system. Instead of relying on your phone, Flipp comes with it's own hub. This means years of battery life and that Flipp is always ready and connected.  

Control your music system directly from your hand. Start the music, Raise the volume, browse songs and even playlist without even having to look at the remote. 

Browse and explore music by listening, not by looking at a screen. 


How To use flipp


Flipp has very simple and intuitive interactions. It has one side for volume and one side for browsing through music. 

Flipp knows what side is up, all you have to do is flipp it! Since starting the party (and pausing for that phone-call) are important we placed play/pause on both sides.  



Rotate the volume side to adjust the volume up or down. 


Press the flipp remote to start the music. Press it again to pause.


Pressing the playback side also starts or pauses the music. 

next song

Rotate the playback side to browse through songs. 

next playlist

Press and rotate the playback side to browse through playlists. 


"I really like the idea of Flipp. Sometimes, a single device that does one thing really well is all you need" - The Verge


the magic behind flipp

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